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A fast, secure, and integrated online payment system is a valuable asset in a business. The presence of iPay88 is ready to support your dreams for future success.

Our Clients

iPay88 provides payment
processing solutions for over
35,000 merchants across
Southeast Asia.

Our Products

easy to manage, Real time checking provided

Assisted by the iPay88 platform, enjoy the transaction process with a secure and easy-to-manage online payment system across your business network. No need to worry, your business will run smoothly.

Virtual Link Payment

Online shopping made easier
with the payment link which can be sent directly to your customers.
Just click and pay!

Direct Payment

Increase sales transactions with ease payment system across customers'
favorite online stores or marketplaces.


Simplify every sales transaction in offline stores with a payment system using POS. All data is neatly recorded and integrated directly into the dashboard.

Email Payment

A system that helps you issue invoices and receipt, and send them to your customers' emails to make it easier
for them to pay.

Instalment Payment

installment payment system
that facilitates
your customers in
monthly payments

Recurring Payment

automatic payment system By
cutting money
through the customer's credit/debit card for a specified period of time.

Developers Station

Payment system technology
fast and integrated

Supported by advanced technology and innovation digital payment system, iPay88 will make every transaction easier.

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Payment Channel

iPay88 prepares online payment options
complete for ease of transaction processing

Credit/Debit Card

Various types of credit cards and debit cards can be payment options.

Virtual Account

Online payments are made easier and faster with virtual accounts.

Online Banking

Payment methods via online banking can be done anywhere and anytime.


Online shopping is easier because you can pay via LinePay and ShopeePay.

Ready to start a new journey?

Grow your business without worry with Ipay88 - online payment system provider best in Asia.

Customize your needs

Apply across the business industry you are in.

Customize your needs

Apply across the business industry you are in.