iPay88, Your Business Solution

Support your growth of customer.
There is a system that will help you easily summarize your payment balance.

Powerful Dashboard

iPay88 prepares a secure payment system, fast, and
integrated in only one platform

Supported various payment methods from within and abroad,
digital payment transaction processing all lines of business will certainly be easier.

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Choose payment methods according to your business needs

The convenience of the payment system in every transaction
for your customer to have the best shopping experience
for both online and offline channel.

Link Payment

Buying and selling transactions can be done easily via payment
links sent directly to customers, either using chat
applications or other media.

Direct Payment

Increase the number of sales transactions instantly
with provide a connected method directly in every online sales channel.


Simplify every sales transaction in offline stores with a payment system using POS. All data is neatly recorded and integrated directly into the dashboard.